Continuum of Care Services

Here to Help With Continuum of Care Services

Managing the continuum of care for your residents from admission to discharge can be a challenging process. We hear you. We understand. And that’s why we have developed stress-free solutions to remove the burden from you and your team and make each transition in the continuum of care services seamless.

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Try Out Our Pre-Admission Regimen Review (PRE)

Preparing for a new admission can be a nerve-racking process, from obtaining the necessary information from the discharging agency, to evaluating the care-needs of and financial impact to each resident. The pre-admission regimen review program is designed to make admissions stress-free. By the time your admission arrives, HealthDirect has contacted and worked with your staff and physicians to obtain resident orders, review drug regimens, and ensure all medications and records are completely in place and verified for your new resident.

Meet PRE: 3 Steps to Worry-Free Admissions

Step 1

Step 1 is about gathering all the information needed to evaluate the care-needs and financial impact of your potential new admission. We work with your discharge department to acquire the necessary resident, drug regimen, and information needed to make appropriate, valuable recommendations.

Step 2

Step 2 is when a Health Direct pharmacist dives in. They will perform formulary reviews and evaluate possible therapeutic interchanges as well as check orders for appropriate dosing frequency, potential drug interactions, and duplicate therapies. Finally, they communicate with you their findings and recommendations.

Step 3

Step 3 brings the process together by allowing you and your prescribers to review the recommendations and transmit the final orders to the pharmacy to be filled and delivered safely and accurately for your new admission.

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So What Happens Before, During, And After Discharge?

We understand the challenge facilities can face in ensuring medication compliance after a patient has been discharged. That’s why we have developed our Delivery at Discharge program. This transition of care program is designed to enhance patient care at home, reduce preventable readmissions, avoid costly penalties and fines, and provide our partners with a quality advantage in the long term care marketplace.

Before Discharge

Your HealthDirect Pharmacy will fill all of your enrolled patients’ prescriptions for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services identified conditions and deliver those prescriptions directly to your facility prior to patient discharge.

During Discharge

Before going home, HealthDirect will provide the patient with consultation on their medications via “FaceTime” on a HealthDirect provided iPad.

After Discharge

To optimize compliance, HealthDirect will provide follow-up consultations at 3, 10 and 20 days post discharge. We will communicate findings and recommendations with the patient’s physician and homecare providers.