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Pharmacy technology

Pharmacy Technology

Value-Driven Pharmacy Technology Solutions

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At HealthDirect, we are dedicated to helping our partners improve care by streamlining communication with your pharmacy services provider and offering detailed, customized technologies so that your staff can quickly get the answers they need.

Because we understand the crucial role pharmacy technology solutions play in providing your best care, we offer cutting-edge tools to deliver the highest level of care and coordination.

Client focused technology services are just one more way HealthDirect provides “Personalized Care. Direct to You.”


Pharmacy Web Portal Features

Self updating and always current. Available at no additional cost. Encrypted, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

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Admission Preview

Evaluate the financial impact of a potential admission.

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RX Order Status

Check where an order is in process and delivery status without calling the pharmacy.

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Medical Records

Print MAR’s, PO’s, and other forms.

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Streamline Billing

Preview billing transactions for the current cycle or view past invoices.

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Resident Profile

View a wide range of resident information including demographics, allergies, medical conditions, payer status, drug and non-drug orders, and more.

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Manage Orders

View requests for new prescriptions, reorders and refills, or discontinue orders and create a return receipt without faxing or calling.

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Instant Reporting

Generate reports such as drug utilization by therapeutic class or top dispensed products with just a few clicks of the mouse.

High-Tech Care

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Our pharmacy web portal makes communication with your HealthDirect pharmacy even easier. Our Internet-based tool (no software to install) helps your staff save time by streamlining accessibility to important information. Plus, it’s easy to use! You can send messages, place an order, and check the status of an order, all with the click of a mouse. It’s easy to access information and find answers quickly… 24/7/365.

The portal is self-updating (which means it’s always current ...

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Intuitive Interface

We understand the important role your Electronic Medical Records system (eMAR) plays in both your facility’s operations and in the coordination of care for your residents. HealthDirect has full Health Level Seven International (HL7) interface capabilities with several Electronic Medical Records systems.  We have a great breadth of experience utilizing the HL7 interface with many different eMAR providers.  Through the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) 10.6 compliance, we are able to receive electronic prescription ...

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