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Pharmacy Transition Services

LTC Pharmacy Transition Services Simplified

HealthDirect takes the burden off your team, so your transition to a new long-term care pharmacy partner is stress free.

If you’ve ever considered switching pharmacy providers, you may have worried about the transition process, adapting to new protocols, timing, and gaining trust with a new team. At HealthDirect, we understand your concerns, and we have developed a stress-free solution to switch long-term care pharmacy partners.


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We Make Switching Pharmacy Service Providers Angst-Free

Our five-step process takes the burden off your team to make the transition seamless, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident in your new relationship with the HealthDirect team. We also pride ourselves on customizing the switching process to meet your needs. Our team comes to your facility, works with your schedules, and establishes new protocols and processes that fit your expectations.

Stress-Free Transition Process


Before starting the planning process, we take time to understand your “pain.” Your needs are put first as we meet at your facility, on your schedule, to determine your care community goals and priorities.

Data Transition

A Client Service Specialist will dive in, while keeping your time to a minimum. Your dedicated specialist will organize facility information and demographics to determine facility needs. At the end of data transition, your care community has a transition “road map” or plan for making each pharmacy goal a reality.

Team Training

The following are completed before go-live:

  • HealthDirect Policy and Procedure Training
  • Customer-specific protocol training
  • Emergency medication training
  • Infusion services training
  • EMAR and pharmacy portal training


The on-site team is with you throughout launch week to ensure all systems and protocols are running smoothly and questions are answered quickly. We manage:

  • Equipment and supply set-up
  • Coordination and implementation of Pre-admission and Delivery at Discharge programs
  • Additional training, if needed

On-Going Support

After launch, our team continues to fully support your team via a transition recap meeting, continued HealthDirect management support and a weekly visit from your HealthDirect account manager. Plus, a financial impact review is conducted at the end of the first month.

How Can We Help?

Complete the form below, and a HealthDirect team member will get back to you the next business dayOr, give us a call at 1 (888) 708-3999, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM EST. For security purposes please do not include any personal medical information, when completing the form.


You can have a stress-free start-up day!

We do all the homework and prepare your team for a seamless transition to HealthDirect as your new local pharmacy services provider.

You can expect the following to be handled prior to your start-up:

  • HealthDirect has contacted and worked with your staff and physicians to obtain resident orders.
  • All drug regimens have been reviewed by our HealthDirect pharmacists, just like they would for any new admission.
  • All medication and records are completely in ...

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