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Pharmacy Transition Services

LTC Pharmacy Transition Services Simplified

HealthDirect takes the burden off your team, so your transition to a new long-term care pharmacy partner is stress free.

If you’ve ever considered switching pharmacy providers, you may have worried about the transition process, adapting to new protocols, timing, and gaining trust with a new team. At HealthDirect, we understand your concerns, and we have developed a stress-free solution to switch long-term care pharmacy partners.

It’s as easy as 1…2…3!


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We Make Switching Pharmacy Service Providers Angst-Free

Our three-step process takes the burden off your team to make the transition seamless, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident in your new relationship with the HealthDirect team. We also pride ourselves on customizing the switching process to meet your needs. Our team comes to your facility, works with your schedules, and establishes new protocols and processes that fit your expectations.

Three Steps To An Effortless Transition & Start-Up


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Step 1: Understand Your Challenges And Frustrations

Step one is all about understanding your “pain.” And because HealthDirect is all about reducing the pain of switching pharmacy service providers, we come to your facility whenever you’re available to discuss this important step in person. Working with you, we establish goals for your facility by uncovering what you ultimately want out of your long-term care pharmacy relationship.

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Step 2: Organize Facility, Drug, And Resident Information

Keeping your time to a minimum, your Client Service Specialist organizes facility and demographic information to determine your facility's specific needs. Critical data is then transformed into easy-to-implement tasks. The end result is an easy-to-follow “road map” for reaching goals established in step one.

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Step 3: Implement Well Documented Transition Plan

Based on your road map, we develop a detailed task list with personnel assignments and due dates. A dedicated team is assigned to the facility to meet facility needs and enter all resident information. Our “Transfer Templates” and “Weekly Start-Up Checklists” make start up easy.

You can have a stress-free start-up day!

We do all the homework and prepare your team for a seamless transition to HealthDirect as your new local pharmacy services provider.

You can expect the following to be handled prior to your start-up:

  • HealthDirect has contacted and worked with your staff and physicians to obtain resident orders.
  • All drug regimens have been reviewed by our HealthDirect pharmacists, just like they would for any new admission.
  • All medication and records are completely in ...

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