Product Focus – Santyl Ointment (Collagenase)

Jul 19, 2021 | Clinical Insight

Indication and Description

Santyl Ointment is indicated for debriding dermal ulcers and severely burned areas.


Collagenase Santyl Ointment should be applied once daily, or more frequently if the dressing becomes soiled, as from incontinence. When clinically indicated, crosshatching thick eschar with a #10 blade allows Collagenase Santyl Ointment more surface contact with necrotic debris. It is also desirable to remove, with forceps and scissors, as much loosened detritus as can be done readily.

Mechanism of Action

Santyl Ointment debrides by cleaving necrotic tissue at seven specific sites along the denatured collagen strand, a process that creates bioactive peptide byproducts. These collagen byproducts induce a cellular response associated with the proliferative phase of healing.


  1. Prior to application the wound should be cleansed of debris and digested material by gently rubbing with a gauze pad saturated with normal saline solution, or with the desired cleansing agent compatible with Collagenase Santyl Ointment (See PRECAUTIONS), followed by a normal saline solution rinse.
  2. Whenever infection is present, it is desirable to use an appropriate topical antibiotic powder. The antibiotic should be applied to the wound prior to the application of Collagenase Santyl Ointment. Should the infection not respond, therapy with Collagenase Santyl Ointment should be discontinued until remission of the infection.
  3. Collagenase Santyl Ointment may be applied directly to the wound or to a sterile gauze pad which is then applied to the wound and properly secured.
  4. Use of Collagenase Santyl Ointment should be terminated when debridement of necrotic tissue is complete and granulation tissue is well established.

How Supplied

Collagenase Santyl Ointment contains 250 units of collagenase enzyme per gram of white petrolatum USP. Do not store above 25˚C (77˚F). Sterility guaranteed until tube is opened.

Collagenase Santyl Ointment is available in the following sizes: 30 g tube NDC 50484-010-30 90 g tube NDC 50484-010-90

Dosing Made Simple

To calculate the estimated amount of Collagenase Santyl Ointment your patient’s wound requires, simply enter its dimensions and duration of therapy and the dosing calculator will estimate the grams needed.
Please note that the estimates are only intended as a guide, contain rounded values where appropriate, and assume a constant wound size throughout the treatment period. Therefore, you should adjust these estimates based upon your own clinical experience and individual wound characteristics. Not intended to supersede independent clinical judgment or institutional protocols.


We recommend using this handy Santyl dosage calculator.

There is also a Collagenase Santyl Ointment compatibility with commonly used wound care products on the Santyl website.

For complete prescribing information, please visit the Santyl website.

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